Usain Bolt Would Love To Run A 100m On Beyonce

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Usain Bolt better simmer down and play it real safe because Jay Z certainly doesn’t play about Beyonce! LOL.

There have been plenty of women who have been star struck by Usain Bolt [especially the groupies he cheated with], but now Bolt has revealed a little crush of his own, Beyonce!

The gold-winning Olympian revealed to talk show host Lorraine that he’s always has a thang for the Queen Bey, and like many of us fans, he had prepared his conversation for his chance meeting with her.

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Although Usain didn’t have the best encounter with Bey, he probably wouldn’t have had a hard time talking to her again, before admitting this

Usain explained that when he met Beyonce he was starring at her and it was weird because she was looking back at him like “why is he staring at me.”

Beyonce usually has that affect on most people where they freeze once encountering her.

Well Jay Z certainly won’t be eyeing Bolt for Roc Nation Sports. Jay Z also doubles as Beyonce’s security guard after Julius.

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Do you remember that video of him pushing a fan who tried to get too close to Bey, and the time he had his hand on Pharrell’s shoulder when P was hugging Bey.

Honestly, everyone should be allowed to have a crush on Beyonce, whether she’s married or not



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