Nas On The Increase In U.S. Racism: “It’s A Reaction By Racists Who Don’t Like Barack Being In Office. The Whole World Is Experiencing Again What Happened In The 60’s”


Racism is still alive and well in America. It actually never left, but it did seem to tone down for a while.

Recently, there’s been an increase in blatant hatred by racist whites towards African Americans, Hispanics and Muslims. What can that be attributed to?

Nas was a recent guest on Revolt TV’s Music Talks and had a discussion with Andre Harrell about what he’s witnessing and in his opinion, the root cause of it.

Andre Harrell: How are you handling what’s going on with Black Lives Matter and the police? How are you dealing with this? And how active are you with that?

Nas: I thought that we were past (racism). I couldn’t imagine that people haven’t changed since decades ago. And that the whole world is now experiencing again what happened in the 60’s.

Harrell: A severe level of racism.

Nas. Yes. It’s a lot to do with Barack being in office … racists who don’t like him in office and it’s a reaction to it. It happens when things change in this country. There used to be lynch parties because of an achievement by African Americans. When Barack got in office things just happened, just triggered off. The racists now, they can’t handle it, they’re going too far. We need a healing to come and reeducate people about how to deal with each other in the world.

Anything I can do, I’m willing to do. We need to be thinking. I think that all of us in the spotlight have to look at people like Muhammad Ali. And just thinking about what he had to go through, how did he handle it and what did he do that was effective to help bring this thing together.

Check out the full interview below.


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