Beyoncé NAKED

As fans struggle to recover from Beyoncé‘s Internet-breaking baby announcement, the Queen Bey has delivered another blow in the form of a stunning pregnancy photo album.

The 35-year-old gave fans an intimate look at her latest journey to motherhood, posting a belly-baring photo album to her website.

She titled the album, “I Have Three Hearts,” referring to her own heart along with that of the twins growing inside of her.

In one photo, the “Formation” singer sat on a run-down car filled with flowers. In the shot, similar to the photo Beyoncé posted to Instagram to break the news, the star sported a bra and underwear. She topped off the visual with a background featuring a blue sky with white clouds.

The expectant mom even enlisted the help of her daughter, 5-year-old Blue Ivy, for the photo album, uploading mommy-daughter photos of herself with the little girl.

One featured Blue sporting a sweet smirk as she held a lone flower and lounged near her pregnant mother’s feet.

Another picture showed Blue adorably kissing her mother’s belly. She honored her first born with a series of throwback photos and videos of the child.

And just when we thought the album couldn’t get any more beautiful, Beyoncé graced the Internet with a group of underwater photos – and even a few clips.

One showed the “Hold Up” singer wrapped in yellow fabric, with her sizeable baby bump on full display as she swam in a pool. In other shots, Beyoncé donned yellow and burgundy fabric while twisting and turning through the water.

Along with the group of photos, the usually private singer included a poem written by Somali-British poet Warsan Shire, with whom Beyoncé collaborated for 2016’s Lemonade.

“Venus has flooded me, second planet from the sun, i wake up on her foamy shore. she wants to take me to meet my children. i’ve done this before i’m still nervous,” the poem read.

Beyoncé broke the baby news in an Instagram post on Wednesday, announcing that she and her husband Jay Z are expecting two new little ones

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