Waka Flocka Promises To “Pull Up” On Bob Romanik. The White Radio Host Who Called Him A “Greasy N*gger” On Air


Last month during a concert at the Georgia Theatre in Athens, Georgia,Waka Flocka spotted a fan wearing a Donald Trump jersey and asked to see it. 

“Throw that jersey up here, bro,” he says in a video from the show. “I f*ck with it, it’s a Trump jersey, right? Throw that sh*t up here.” When the fan handed it over, Waka pulled down his pants, wiped his butt with it, slammed it to the ground and yelled “F*ck Donald Trump!”

Bob Romanik, a white host for radio station KQQZ 1190 AM, responded to the incident with an on air racist rant

“Waka Flocka, he took a good crap on our president elect’s shirt. Our white president,” Romanick began. “You think that Trump has done anything to this man? Trump will probably do more for this black n*gger than Obama’s ever done for the proud black community … in my opinion, of course. Think about it. We’re talking about Waka Flocka. That greasy black n*gger son of a b*tch. I’ll tell you what you black b@stard. Let me wear a Trump shirt and you grab it off me. You’ll be the deadest son of b*tch walking around.”

Surprisingly, Romanick didn’t get fired for his comments.

TMZ caught up with Waka to see if he had heard Romanick’s diatribe.


“Yeah, I heard that idiot. Disgrace to white America, I heard him. That’s what we call white crackers in the hood,” the “Hard in the Paint” rapper said. “A white cracker is a disrespectful racist b@stard. His show need to get shut the f*ck down. If his show don’t get shut down that’ll let you know how far racism go in America. That anybody can get on the radio and say, ‘F*cking black n*gger.’ That’s not how you make America great again, for a Trump supporter.

“Sh*t, I’ma go up to his show. I’ma find out how much he gonna get on me when I touch back in the states,” Waka continued. “I’ma show him what threats is like. That’s like a terroristic threat right? Telling somebody you gon’ kill ’em? I’ma show you how we handle sh*t. I’m not gonna call the cops. I’ma go to his show and see if I can get a personal interview. Let me see if he talk that rah rah sh*t when I pull up.”



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