Deranged Fan Tries To Assault Big Sean During ‘I Decided’ Meet-And-Greet


 Rumors were flying Saturday, February 18, that Big Sean was slapped by a fan during a meet-and-greet in Queens, New York, on Friday while promoting his new album “I Decided.”

In a video posted on the internet this morning, a man yelling obscenities can be seen lying face down on the ground, as police arrest him. Sean watches the drama unfold while standing a few feet away.

The rapper took to his Twitter account to deny being assaulted and detail exactly what happened.

“Look I never comment on this type of s*** but they can’t do me dirty and say a fan smacked me or no s*** like that,” Sean wrote. “some guy waited in line in the cold since 10am, bought my CD, when I signed his CD n shook his hand he TRIED to hit me off guard. the dude was released from a mental hospital last week, has a long record of mental illness n was off his meds. Very serious issues. He claimed he had wrote songs for Michael Jackson, Jay Z n was wit Birdman etc. I’m hoping he’s getting the proper treatment he needs. I wanted to keep the signing going but the store shut it down. Sorry it got ruined for the rest of the real fans.”


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