Drake Says Meek Mill’s Emotions Caused Him To Make The Ghostwriter Claim: “It Wasn’t The Truth. Interview Him & I Bet He’ll Tell You It Wasn’t Worth It”


DJ Semtex nabbed a new in-depth interview with Drake that aired onOVO Sound Radio, Saturday, February 18.

Part of it covered his collaborations with Quentin Miller and Meek Millaccusing him of using ghostwriters

“Quentin Miller is a kid I met through Boy Wonder,” Drake says. “I started working with this kid and I think we ended up doing about five songs together. He was a guy that I collaborated on music with. I’m proud to sit here in front of you and say that.

“Meek Mill, at the time, due to some issue with Nicki [Minaj] or whatever it was, decided to create a narrative that I don’t write my own music. Because that is what was convenient for him at the time,” he continued. “The reason I never felt like necessarily pressured to sit down and defend myself right away, or go do an interview is just because anybody that was in those rooms, or anybody that’s been in a room with me knows. First of all, that I am one of the best writers, period. That is what I do … what I’m known for. I go and write for other people. I write my biggest songs. The massive majority of my catalog has all been written solely by me. It kind of blossomed into this thing where I became the poster child for ghostwriting. For me it was a big deal because it wasn’t the truth. You can interview Meek and ask him if it was worth it. I’ll bet he’ll tell you no. That was a terrible, impulsive decision because you weren’t ready.”



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