Karrueche Tran Claims Chris Brown Punched Her In The Stomach; Seeks Restraining Order

Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown, NYFW


Chris Brown was not playing in an Instagram video, where he said he would never leave his ex-girlfriends alone.

The rapper has been ordered to stay away from his ex, Karrueche Tran, according to TMZ.com

She claims that the R&B singer has vowed to kill her in the past and she even revealed that the Brown has put hands on her twice before, she said in a sworn statement.

According to Karrueche, she has had a rocky relationship with the rapper, which turned violent several years ago

In her statement, Karrueche claims Chris “punched me in my stomach twice,” and “pushed me down the stairs.”

According to TMZ.com, the timeframe in which his assaults against Karrueche took place at the same time he was on probation for his assault of superstar singer/former girlfriend, Rihanna.

Karrueche she said that she wasn’t worried about Chris until recently when he threatened to harm her friends and allegedly threw a drink at one of them

Image result for chris brown

Though Brown responded via his Instagram on Tuesday to address the “bulls–t.”

“Make sure ya’ll don’t be listening to all this bulls–t, man. What all them other people on the outside doing, let them do what they doing. I don’t know what the f–k they talking about.”

He also noted that he won’t be going through with the Soulja Boy fight, a feud that started when the “Crank That” rapper liked one of the model’s photos.

“I boughted out of this Soulja Boy fight,” he told his Instagram followers. “It was a legit thing on a positive scale. All the wrong people got in the way, the middleman people got in that way…because they wanted to get a piece of the pie. It’s immature, first and foremost.”

“Second of all, ain’t no n—a ain’t ever going to hold me up. So however anything goes, this is how we’re going to rock it: he gon’ to see me, he gon’ see me. I ain’t out here moving nothing crazy, but just don’t believe any of that bulls–t, man, I’m out.”


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