Safaree x Wendy Williams: Talks Nicki Minaj Breakup Because Of Meek Mill, Nicki’s Rap Battle With Remy Ma, Ghostwriting For Nicki & More


Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Safaree Samuels was the latest guest on The Wendy Williams Show, Tuesday, March 7. He discussed the past relationship with Nicki Minaj, his contribution to Nicki’s third studio album The PinkprintMeek Mill being the main reason for their breakup, rap battle between her and Remy Ma and much more.

On writing for Nicki: “It was a collaborative effort,” he explained. “[Nicki] doesn’t sit there and do absolutely nothing, but I definitely was a helping force in everything that had to do with creating music. It’s not like I was just a waste man.”

On his split from Nicki Minaj: “The last year and year-and-a-half, it just got really different,” he said. “We just grew apart. At the end of the day, Meek had a lot to do with me and her breaking up.”

On The Pinkprint“Whether people know it or not, I was apart of the whole creative process up until the last month and a half of it, ’cause the last month we were just going through all the songs and stuff and I found out that there was two songs with him on the album and I’m like, ‘Where did…’” He adds, “I just had an instinct. I had an intuition that there was more to it.”

On Nicki’s alleged plastic surgery“It’s 2017. If you’re a woman and you want to feel better about yourself, if you had a baby and your breasts sag, or you want to make your hips look bigger or whatever, I’m all for women, if y’all want to make yourselves look nice, you can do whatever y’all wanna do. It’s your body.”

Watch the interview below.


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