Common On Snoop Dogg’s Mock Shooting Of President Trump In ‘Lavender’ Video: “Hip Hop Was Always Been About Freedom Of Expression”


When Snoop Dogg filmed his “Lavender” remix video he probably expected it to draw a lot of attention. With nearly 5 million views in 3 days, reactions from the POTUS, 2 senators, as well as T.I. and Bow Wow, the hip hop legend has gotten what he hoped for.

TMZ recently caught up with Common in Los Angeles and got a different perspective than had previously been offered by others, on the scene in the video that depicts Snoop shooting President Trump.

“Hip hop has always been about freedom of expression. That’s one of the most powerful things. Hip hop has been a voice for so many people,” Common said. “If you think about the days of Public Enemy and you fast forward to Kendrick Lamar. Hip hop artists have always been speaking up and saying what they feel. If it’s a president they don’t like … If it’s a politician they don’t like. I was just listening to KRS [One] and he was talking about Clarence Thomas back then. If you didn’t like what was going on, you speak up. We’re entitled to do that as people.”


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