Does Drake Want That Old Thing Back With Rihanna?

Image result for Does Drake Want That Old Thing Back With Rihanna?
We feel Drizzy’s pain because it seems like it would be almost impossible to get over bad gal RiRi.  I think we are still unclear as to why Drake and Rihanna split, and we are unclear about whether or not they were ever a real couple to begin with.

Whatever happened between these two, it seems like the 6 God is still not over bad gal RiRi!

I swear Rihanna seems like one of the girls that someone could never get over.

Furthermore, Drake posted some in-his-feelings photos to Instagram. You know the fans aka the Instagram police notice everything, so most couldn’t help but to notice the fact that Drake was wearing Rihanna socks from her collab with Stance.

He even captioned the photo “Trabajo” which is Spanish for work, the title of their collaborative hit that brought them back together for more than just music.

Did Drake put in an early request, or did Ri just bless him with some early?

Do you think Rihanna should give Drake another chance?

Word on the curb is that Rihanna wants Drake to understand that she’s moved on with her love life and with her new boo Hassan Jameel.

I’m sure they are still good friends though!


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