Drake Hits The Toronto Film Fest To Support His “Brother” Lebron James

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Drake hit up a screening of Lebron James’ new film on Vince Carter over the weekend.

Hip-Hop star Drake was in his hometown of Toronto over the weekend, for the Toronto International Film Festival.

Drake was on hand with LeBron James and Vince Carter, to celebrate the new documentary LeBron produced on the Raptors star player called “The Carter Effect.”

In a video posted on The Uninterrupted, Drake discussed the importance of LeBron’s flick on Vince.

“First of all this is an incredible time in a city that is just an unprecedented place in the world,” Drake said. “it’s just a great time for people to gather in the city and celebrate their contributions, the art.

“To be doing a film about something that for me shaped I mean, the first inkling of a superstar in our city, the energy, the excitement realizing we were a major city for the first time,” the rapper continued. “These guys have done such an incredible job of bringing that to life for us and of course anytime I can do anything for my brother it’s a blessing.”

Drake and LeBron James Toast To 'The Carter Effect'

open_in_newDrake and LeBron James Toast To ‘The Carter Effect’

Months of hard work and dedication have all come down to this moment — the premiere of ‘The Carter Effect’ at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend.


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