Kendrick Lamar Expresses Support For Colin Kaepernick

Image result for Kendrick Lamar Expresses Support For Colin Kaepernick


Colin Kaepernick still does not have a job in the NFL. However, this week, the former 49ers quarterback did receive support from two of the most accomplished Hip Hop stars on the planet.


After Jay-Z wore a Kaepernick jersey during his SNL performance on Saturday, Kendrick Lamar explained at the Forbes’ Under 30 Summit how the QB’s silent protest against racial injustice and his $1 million charity pledge will impact future citizens.


“They think he’s gonna give up, but he wants to stand for something. Simple as that,” said Lamar. “You don’t look at the moment, whether it’s gonna work or not. No, you look at what the next generation is gonna receive from it.”


K. Dot’s “Forbidden Fruit” collaborator J. Cole has also been an outspoken ally of Kaepernick. The Roc Nation rapper called for a boycott of the NFL and its corporate sponsors until Kap is signed by a team.


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