Lil Kim Has A Message For Her Haters!

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The Queen Bee, Lil Kim, recently decided to put her haters in check while also posting a precious video of her daughter learning how to ride a bike.

Earlier this year, it had been reported that Lil Kim was on the way to losing her New Jersey mansion home to foreclosure.


Apparently the rapper stopped fighting her bank and the lawsuit that it had against her.

It had been reported that HSBC Bank sued Lil Kim in 2010 after claiming that she stopped paying her almost $10k a month mortgage on her Alpine, NJ home.

The bank reportedly had made a deal with Kim back in 2002, but there were claims that she stopped paying the mortgage in 2009.


Rumor had it that Kim’s mansion would even be put up for sale at the Sheriff’s sale, stating that the rapper owed over $1 million.

“My baby is so adorable she had me laughing trying to learn how to ride a bike 😹😻🚲 And by the way this is at my house in Alpine, believe half of what you see and none of what you hear,. 🙄” posted Kim.

Well Kim is letting her haters know that she still has her home. According to fans, either the reports of foreclosure may have been false, or she came up with dem coins! Fans said those court documents don’t lie, well unless they are fabricated.

Either way, we are excited that Kim still has her home!

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