Jay-Z Reportedly Considering Buying Harvey Weinstein’s Stake In The Weinstein Company

Image result for Jay-Z Reportedly Considering Buying Harvey Weinstein's Stake In The Weinstein Company
The Hip Hop mogul partnered with the Hollywood producer for docs about Kalief Browder and Trayvon Martin. After firing its founder Harvey Weinstein, The Weinstein Company is in the process of rebranding itself. News continues to break about accusations of the award-winning producer sexually assaulting numerous women, and the Hollywood business is ready to move on from the alleged predator.

Sources tell TMZ Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter is considering investing in the company. The Hip Hop mogul is reportedly connecting with other investors to potentially purchase Weinstein’s 23% interest.

Jay partnered with Weinstein to produce Spike’s The Kalief Browder Story. They were also working on a documentary about Trayvon Martin based on the book written by the slain teenager’s parents Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin.

“We’ve know each other socially and we’ve always talked about doing something together. I think we understand each other,” said Weinstein about Carter in April. “People look at Jay Z and they don’t say, ‘That’s a well-read guy,’ and people look at me and think the same thing, but we’re both extremely well-read. That’s the surprise of the whole thing, and it’s what makes it work. He’s one of the most brilliant men I know.”


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