Nelly’s Rape Accuser Refuses To Cooperate With Investigation. Wants it Dropped

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Nelly and his team are feeling somewhat vindicated today after it was revealed that a woman who accused the rapper of rape won’t testify against him.

TMZ reports that the 21-year old alleged victim’s attorney, Karen Koehler, has asked the Auburn Police Department in Washington State, and the King County D.A. to “put a halt to the criminal investigation of [Nelly]. She will not testify further in a criminal proceeding against him.”

Koehler added that her client feels the pressure of going up against a celebrity is too much to handle. “Who will believe her? People are saying horrible things already. She cannot handle this. She is about to break.”

Nelly’s attorney, Scott Rosenblum, told TMZ that he’s recommending that the “Hot in Herre” hit maker take legal action against the woman. He also wants her to issue a public apology.

“[The accuser’s] reckless accusation, once investigated thoroughly, was exposed for what it was-a fabrication. A fabrication that has caused Nelly and his family to suffer emotionally and financially,” Rosenblum said.

As we previously reported, Nelly was arrested Saturday, October 7, after the woman called police to say she’d been raped on board his tour bus hours after a concert. 

He was released from custody later that day without charges being filed against him.

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