Meghan Markle’s is the most beautiful bride to be

Photos of Meghan Markle striking some sexy poses raise one very important question — what the hell took Prince Harry so long to propose???

Megs posed for the photo shoot back in 2013 for a Canadian magazine called Sharp. She was already starring in “Suits” by that time, but thank God the photographer did not take a literal approach to the theme of this shoot.

Ya gotta admit, it’s kinda interesting to see someone who’s about to be a member of the prim and proper British royal family posing like this. And, seeing as how Harry met Meghan in the summer of 2016 … he probably would’ve seen these if he did some Internet research.

So, again we ask … what took ya so long, Harry?

This seems to run in the fam. You’ll recall — and if you don’t we’re about to remind you — Kate Middleton was walking in a fashion show when Prince William first laid eyes on her


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