Is Jay-Z Getting takes a look back

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Jay-Z was put in the rap game by a man named Jaz-O. Jaz was one of the most feared lyricists in the 80s and he proceeded a lot of what is normal now. Fast rapping and big money. He toured the world before people knew what that was in Hip-Hop and he took Jay with him. In fact, if my memory serves me correctly, he saved Jay from the streets and opened his mind up considerably. Well, in Chicago something happened! Jay and Jaz got together for a photo op…but sources say it was much more. Sources with AllHipHop have said that “something” is in the works with Jay and Jaz. The person specifically stated that Jaz finally listened. We cannot say much more than that but time seems to heal all wounds, as the old adage says. Many don’t remember but Jaz was big dog and then Jay did Roc-A-Fella Records and blew up. It was at that point that he offered his mentor a deal, which was an insult. Jaz-O was used to those big checks from the 80s. A standard artist deal was like a slap in the face. If memory is correct, BK legend Big Daddy Kane declined a deal with The original Roc for the same reason. Disses flew at Jay-Z and it seemed like the harm was irreparable. ANYWAY, Jay has made good with a lot of his OG’s and so I hope this is another one.

Not to harp on the past, but here is one of the disses that Jaz threw at Jay.

Before you laugh at “Hawaiian Sophie”, a lot of Hip-Hop had this novelty aspect to it…it helped the culture go mainstream.



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