2 Chainz Calls Out Walmart for Selling Dabbing Santa Sweaters Without His Permission

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Around this time in 2015, 2 Chianz came up with the ingenious idea to put out Dabbing Santa ugly Christmas sweaters. They sold like hotcakes, and two years later, they are still a must-have. It appears Walmart has been paying attention to the garment’s success as well, as the Atlanta rapper recently called the retailer out for selling the sweaters without his consent.

Tit put Wally World on blast on Instagram. Posting a screenshot of the sweaters being sold on their site, he captioned the pic, “Oooh nooo someone please tell Walmart that they didn’t get permission to use this patent or likeness in anyway. We use this sweater this time of year to spread togetherness and also give back to those who are less fortunate or not able to provide for their families at the time.”

It sounds like the “It’s a Vibe” rapper might be contemplating litigation. “That being said it’s gone be a Jolly Holly Xmas #WALMARTGONEBUYMEAHOUSE #WALMARTGONEBUYMEACAR #Walmartgonegiveback2mycommunity #WALMARTGONEMAKEMEASTAR. gotta lil ring to it mite lay dat bihhh down later tonight when I get to the studio,” he added.

As he noted, the popular sweaters have not only been a big money maker for Dos Links, but also a way to give back. Some proceeds from the sweaters go to his TRU Foundation, which aims to help the less fortunate. “We’ve been trying with a bunch of designs for a couple years now,” he said during the initial release in 2015. “This is just timing meets opportunity. There’s the whole dab thing, and Atlanta’s always been somewhere that actually moves the culture a little bit. We have been the backbone of hip-hop for the past couple years. So with dabbing coming out of Atlanta, it just began to grow legs and start moving on its own.”


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