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Once again, a new Drizzy track has surfaced on the internet. This one is called “Pistols.”

The song is reportedly produced by Drake and his right-hand-man, Noah “40” Shebib. Contrary to what one might think by the name, the song has a fluffy, mellow vibe and finds Aubrey singing about trying to make a relationship work. “You say you want me, I don’t ignore you/You said it first, but I meant it more girl/Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah/You got potential, I can’t explain it/You’re so persuasive, I made some changes/Oh, yeah, oh, yeah,” he sings on the first verse.

On the chorus, he divulges the meaning of the track’s title crooning, “‘Cause I’ve been sleepin’ with a pistol in my bed/I’d rather have you here instead/I gotta get outta my own head/Don’t let me down, come here right now (Yeah)/Don’t let me down, come here right now.”

Apparently, Drizzy has a bunch of records just ready to go. Last month, a new record leaked. He also has a few highly-anticipated collabs coming up including a track with Quavo and possibly a song with Trippie Redd.  A month ago, a new song from the 6 God leaked online after apparently being played in the New York Giants’ locker room. He’s also been in the lab with Pi’erre Bourne.

Check out Drizzy’s new “Pistols” track here.


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