This January, N1.5 Million is up for grabs in the Nigerian Indomie Belle full Challenge Season 5!

Image result for Nigerian Indomie Belle full Challenge Season 5!

Good news to all comedy lovers! You are in for another hilarious ride in the 5th edition of the Indomie Bellefull Comedy Challenge, starting from 8th January to 12th February 2018. While previous editions saw the emergence of beautiful, funny and creative videos from many talented individuals, this edition is poised to be mind blowing. What a way to kick off the New Year!

So, who is up for this challenge? Unlike previous editions, 15 winners will emerge from this season to take home different cash rewards. The first price winner gets N500, 000, the second price winner gets N300, 000, the third price winner gets N100, 000, while all the other winners get N50, 000. What would yours be?

This season introduces an interesting twist that should produce the most trending buzz ever. Remember how we make New Year resolutions and break them almost immediately? It’s now time to make some money from those fun moments. The Indomie Bellefull Challenge provides you with an opportunity to showcase your comedy talent with an interesting video of how you broke your New Year resolutions. Isn’t that interesting?

Simply create your video of not more than 60 seconds, upload on any of your social media pages and tag the Indomie social media page. This promises to be a very humorous season and you shouldn’t be left out of it. Winning is as easy as taking a selfie. All you’ll need to do is to ensure your video is creative, funny and in line with the time restriction. Winners will be screened critically and announced on the Indomie page. So, if you are yet to like the Indomie Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, you will need to do so now.

Gear up now! Tell a friend to tell a friend that it is time for the Indomie Bellefull Challenge. No lover of comedy should miss this. Get your crew together and let the fun begin. Here is a link to past videos on the Indomie Bellefull Comedy Challenge… Fun meals begin with a bowl of Indomie noodles.


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