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It looks like Quavo could be in some very serious trouble after being accused of assaulting celebrity jeweler, celebrity jeweler, Eric The Jeweler, at a 2018 Grammy Awards afterparty at 1Oak on Jan. 29.

According to the folks at TMZ, the New York Police Department has told Quavo’s lawyer, Drew Findling, they have enough evidence to arrest the Migos’ rapper. Their sources say the NYPD has yet to file a warrant for Quavo’s arrest, but it could be only a matter of time.

With that in mind, Findling declares Quavo’s absolute innocence and says he hopes the Manhattan DA’s office don’t embarrass themselves by trying to prosecute the rapper.

Eric The Jeweler told police he was jumped by Quavo and someone else the rapper was partying with during an afterparty for the aforementioned 2018 Grammy Awards. Eric says a fight between himself, Quavo and his associate broke out after they exchanged words over money the Atlanta rapper allegedly owed him.

Eric went on to say that he endured some facial injuries in the scuffle, and that his $30,000 chain was missing. That’s what also led him to file a robbery report with the police.


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