This Slovenian Snowboarder Demanded Justice for Meek Mill at the 2018 Winter Olympics

The Free Meek Mill train continues to chug along, and it turns out, it’s also international. Holding things down at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea this past Tuesday (Feb. 13), Slovenian snowboarder Tit Stante made the most of his camera time by using his snowboard to issue a message of support to the rapper, who’s been incarcerated for probation violation since last November.

Just before the 19-year-old Stante was set to compete in the men’s halfpipe qualifiers, the broadcasting camera’s focus turned to the back of his snowboard where the hashtagged phrase #FreeMeekMill was written in Sharpie. The support is real.

Stante’s show of support arrived on the same day it was reported that a history of corruption within certain sections of the Philadelphia Police Department could lead to the release of the MMG rapper. There is also other controversy surrounding the case, specifically, Judge Genece Brinkley and her alleged bias against Meek.

Speaking with XXL, Meek’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina, claimed there was some foul play involved with Meek’s sentencing.

“This judge totally abused her discretion, has a personal issue with Meek and has done things that are inappropriate in regards to this case,” Tacopina said at the time. “She gave him a two-to-four year sentence when both the district attorney and probation officer recommended no jail time for what was a technical violation, not a criminal offense.”

He continued, “It would be a different story if the district attorney and the probation officer were saying that [Meek Mill] was a bad defendant on probation and it’s just the defense crying foul. But it’s not. The district attorney and the probation officer both said he’s been a model probationer: He’s doing charity work, he’s rehabilitating, he’s doing the things you’re supposed to do.”



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