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Jay-Z has always been vocal about his thoughts on the justice system and the treatment of those incarcerated, and he’s putting more of his words into action. The veteran rapper’s Roc Nation company teams up with First Round Capital to invest $3 million into the bail reform startup company, Promise.

According to TechCrunch, Promise is part of Y Combinator’s latest batch of startup companies and can offer counties and local governments an alternative to holding low-risk and non-violent offenders in prison who cannot afford their bail. The company delivers counties with a comprehensive intake procedure while also granting each participant a care plan that is specific to their case and needs. The company also reportedly ensures participants of when they’re supposed to appear in court and also offers reminders of drug tests and substance abuse treatment. There are even opportunities to discover and access in job training, counseling and housing.

Hov, who has been caping for Meek Mill’s release since last year, says in a statement that the app being developed can provide “liberty and justice for all” to millions around the country.

“We are increasingly alarmed by the injustice in our criminal justice system,” Jay-Z explains. “Money, time and lives are wasted with the current policies. It’s time for an innovative and progressive technology that offers sustainable solutions to tough problems. Promise’s team, led by co-founder and CEO Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, is building an app that can help provide ‘liberty and justice for all’ to millions.”

The goal of the startup is to help those who are incarcerated to not only be released from the system, but also help them stay out of prison in the future.


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