Vacation Suit for multimillionaires

EXCLUSIVE: PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE  RATES APPLYNO NY PAPERS**Beyonce and Jay-Z look 'crazy in love' on the beach in Jamaica

Jay-Z and Beyonce are currently hanging out in Jamaica, making art to support their recently announced world tour. Over the weekend the couple were photographed on the beach: Beyonce in a beaded, multi-color ensemble, Jay decked out in Calvin Klein 205W39NYC tailoring. If seeing the mogul lounging in this fire-red suit, feet casually crossed, doesn’t make you at least a little bit excited for summer, there’s a good chance this interminable winter has extinguished the warmth in your heart. Or you just need a refresher on what’s happening in menswear. Because while wearing a suit on the beach is a move that’s reserved for rap legends, island-bright tailoring is a trend you can and should be all over as the weather starts to warm up. It’s fun and free-spirited and a very nice break from the usual assortment of tan and light blue summer suits. (Reminder: your summer suits don’t just have to be tan and light blue. It’s summer. Relax!)

The trick to pulling off this look is going for it—like, really going for it—with color, while keeping everything else pared down and chill. Think: A crewneck T-shirt and simple leather sneaker. Or, if the occasion is more formal, a white or black dress shirt and black dress shoes. We dig Jay-Z’s gold-frame sunglasses and gold jewelry as a finishing touch to add some flash, figuratively and literally. Gold accents will catch the sunshine just right, even if you aren’t sitting in the sand. Which brings us to our next and final point on the matter: location. We’re calling this a vacation suit—a Jamaica suit!—for a reason: it isn’t meant for your office. Wear a suit this bright in your gray-and-beige cubicle and you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Wear it on a crystal clear day on a tropical island or an equally gorgeous, natural locale and you’ll look like a king. Maybe not Jay-Z levels of success, but a guy having a great summer at the very least.

Calvin Klein 205W39NYC suit

$3,073, Farfetch


Joseph stretch twill suit

$695, Joseph


AMI purple suit

$1,130, Farfetch

Burberry linen suit

$1,625, Mr Porter


Topman slim-fit suit

$300, Topman



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