The Weeknd Fighting Over ‘Starboy’ Trademark

The Weeknd‘s lawyers want the real “Starboy” to please stand up — as Eminem might put it — ’cause they say it’s definitely not the dude who’s trying to jack the handle.

The singer’s company has filed docs opposing Eymun Talasazan’s attempt to trademark “Starboy,” and they’re accusing him of some serious shadiness.

Eymun is just trying to hitch his star to Abel’s success — which is why he filed his “Starboy” trademark, for use on TV projects, AFTER Weekend’s 2016 hit single and album by the same name.

And get this … 11 days after Weeknd and Marvel Comics announced a “Starboy” comic book — Eymun filed another trademark for comic books.

Abel’s lawyers say the guy’s M.O. is clear — he’s previously filed perfectly timed trademarks for “Straight Outta Bombton” and “Runnin’ Through the 6” … riding the coattails of the NWA movie and Drake


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