21 Savage Explains His Motivations For Helping To Uplift The Community

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Shayaa Bin “21 Savage” Abraham-Joseph built a following as the leader of the Slaughter Gang, but the southern rap star is not just about giving out free smoke. He’s also interested in giving back to his fans.

Revolt spoke to 21 about his philanthropic efforts. The “Bank Account” rhymer discussed reaching out to kids in schools and foster homes

“I gave them a real talk. Not like a ‘I’m famous, this is how you’re supposed to do it’ talk,” said Savage. “I feel like I make a lot of money from the community. They’re uplifting me.”

He continued, “If it wasn’t for the poor people, I wouldn’t be rich. So [I] give back to them because they’re making me money.”


In March, 21 announced his “Bank Account” financial literacy initiative for teenagers. The Atlanta native also took part in Quavo’s “Huncho Day On The Nawf” charity football game on Sunday.

“It’s my responsibility, for me,” offered Savage. “Nobody else can say that, nobody in the hood or in the media. Can’t nobody tell me, ‘This is your responsibility.’ But I can tell myself that it’s my responsibility.”


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