Fabolous Faces 10 Years Jail Bid For Alleged Domestic Abuse

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Fabolous is looking at significant jail time for the alleged beat down of his children’s mother, Emily B.

The rapper could do as long as 10 years in jail for punching Emily B in an incident that occurred in early April 2018. Another situation was videotaped and then distributed all over the internet. In the second video, Fab, who was restrained by his security, seems to weld a knife or a very sharp object. In the video, Fab comments that he has a bullet for each Emily B and her father, who was present.

Now, the rapper has been charged with aggravated assault and making a terroristic threat, which both carry incarceration periods of 3-5 years per infraction. He could also be hit with maximum fines $15,000 dollars.

Reports say that Fab sent a text stating that he wanted to kill Emily B and hit her in the head with a bat. At that time, Emily B maintains she told her father to remove a pair of guns from the residence that they share.

The rapper has not commented on the matter, but his lawyer has stated on the record that no crime was committed in the video.


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