Khloe Kardashian In ‘Blissful Misery’: Can’t Sleep, Walk Or Do Anything As Pregnancy Nears End

Image result for Khloe Kardashian In ‘Blissful Misery’: Can’t Sleep, Walk Or Do Anything As Pregnancy Nears End

First time mother-to-be Khloe Kardashian, 33, is finding out that the hardest part of a pregnancy is those last days before the baby arrives when it becomes so hard to even move around. She’s been nesting at baby daddy Tristan Thompson’s lakeside Cleveland mansion, getting ready to go into labor with her little girl any now. “Khloe is in blissful misery right now as she comes to the final days of her pregnancy. She is positively glowing, in total bliss with her baby due any day.  But the last days of her final term have also been bitter misery. Everything from her ankles to her hands and feet are swollen, nothing fits her anymore and she is finding it impossible to sleep through the night,”

“Khloe has to go to the bathroom all the time, she is always hungry and she is waking up in the middle of the night to eat ice cream, even though she can hardly walk to the fridge. The whole scene, with Tristan bringing her what she needs as best he can, is sweet, funny and very challenging. Khloe loves being pregnant, but she can’t wait to meet her baby too,” our insider adds.
At least super prepared Khloe already has her daughter’s nursery set up for when she comes home from the hospital. On March 14 she tweeted “Been decorating the baby nursery all day! We are so close! I’m getting more and more anxious and excited with everyday.” We’ve seen how insanely organized Khloe is when it comes to things like her kitchen and pantry, so of course she would have everything ready for her daughter from day one.
Khloe has been doing nothing but resting and watching a ton of TV as she waits for her water to break. On April 4 she tweeted, “The perfect time for New York Housewives to come back on. Nesting at its finest.” She also has been binge-watching the drama Billions alongside her NBA star boyfriend. “Billions is a f**ing incredible show!!!! Addicting for sure! Tristan and I have been binge watching and it just gets better and better!!!! Thank you Showtime,” she excitedly tweeted to fans on April 2. At least she’s been able to catch up on TV since she’s so heavily pregnant there isn’t much else she can physically do.

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