Adult entertainer Star Nikki Benz Sues Brazzers for Sexual Assault

Porn star Nikki Benz is suing porn studio Brazzers for a sexual assault she claims to have suffered at the hands of a director.

Benz first went public with the allegation in 2016, claiming Tony T. had choked her and stomped her head while shooting a sex scene. In a new lawsuit, Nikki adds much more graphic detail about the alleged violence … claiming she was hit so hard in the face, head and breasts she ended up bleeding.

She also describes what sounds like waterboarding. Nikki’s mouth was gagged with her own underwear and “water was poured down her throat causing her to choke.”

After the scene, Nikki claims Tony threatened to withhold her salary if she didn’t record an “exit interview” in which she stated she would shoot with him again in the future. In the suit, she says she initially told them no way, and only changed her tune due to the threat.

Benz, a 2016 inductee to the AVN Hall of Fame, is suing Tony, Brazzers, and her co-star, Ramon Nomar.

Brazzers cut ties with Tony almost immediately after Nikki went public about the alleged incident.


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