Cardi B’s Coachella Rider is Not Entirely Baby-Friendly

When Cardi B performs the biggest show of her life at Coachella, her pregnancy won’t make the scene backstage any less of a rager … at least for her entourage. We got a hold of Cardi’s rider and it’s stocked, at first glance, with several things a pregnant woman shouldn’t be consuming … but also several preggo-friendly options. Here are some highlights:

– 6 dozen white roses
– Degree spray deodorant
– Gillette razors
– Grilled/fried chicken
– Caesar salad
– Roasted vegetables
– 2 bottles of D’usse
– 2 bottles of Hennessy
– 1 Bottle of 1942 tequila
– 20 bottles of water
– Red Bull
– Fresh coffee

We’re told Cardi, who is due the first week of July, will obviously not be indulging in the booze … ditto for Red Bull and coffee. All that stuff is for her hard-working team. The roses are 100 percent for the boss lady, though. Let’s face it, Cardi’s getting used to that sweet smell of success.


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