Fetty Wap Endorsement Could Start A Political War In Paterson, New Jersey

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Rap star Fetty Wap is getting into politics in his hometown of Paterson, New Jersey.

The rap star recently endorsed Pedro Rodriguez, who is running to be the next Mayor of the city. Fetty and over 100 of his supporters crammed in Rodriguez’s campaign headquarters voices support for their candidate.

“The youth is our new foundation,” Fetty Wap said, flanked by Rodriguez and his supporters, which included Fatboy SSE.

One of Pedro Rodriguez’s rivals was less than thrilled with Fetty Wap’s endorsement.

Fetty Wap’s decision to support Rodriguez upset another candidate named Michael Jackson.

Jackson claimed he had helped Fetty Wap throughout the years at his annual turkey giveaway, and the rapper basically abandoned him to hop on Pedro Rodriguez’s bandwagon.

“Pedro has never supported Fetty Wap prior to his making it,” Michael Jackson fumed to reporters. “But it’s not surprising he’s seeking his support now. It’s sad that Fetty Wap would allow this to happen.”

Residents in Patterson will head to the polls on May 8 to determine the city’s next Mayor.


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