Angelina Jolie Reportedly Collapses After Meltdown Over Brad Pitt Dating Rumors: She’s ‘Very Jealous’

Brad Pitt, 54, has reportedly struck up a relationship with renowned architect Neri Oxman, 42. While some of Brad’s friends, like George Clooney, 56, hope that this friendship leads to something more serious, the Fight Club actor’s ex, Angelina Jolie, 42, was furious to hear that Brad may be dating again. She “flew into such a rage that she collapsed” when she heard the rumors that Brad Pitt started dating MIT professor Neri Oxman, a source told Star magazine. “She was ranting one minute and then the next, she just sort of crumpled.”

“Angie can’t stand anyone who’s smarter and prettier than her,” Star’s source claims, before adding that Angie thinks it is absolutely “galling that Brad has managed to keep his connection Neri hush-hush for months. Angie is very jealous and competitive, and she wanted to be the first one to start a hot new relationship. If it turns out that Brad beat her to the punch, it could be humiliating.”

Angie was taken off guard by the reports of Brad spending time with Neri “a MIT professor is the last person Angie would have picked for Brad.” Well, he reportedly wants to find a woman who “challenges” him, and after seeing how happy George is after marrying a much smarter, more powerful woman – in Amal Clooney, 40 – dating a woman from the halls of academia doesn’t seem that far-fetched. “Brad has been ready for a new relationship for a while now,” the source tells Star, “and Neri is just the sort of woman he needs.”

Angie may need a stiff drink and a moment to find her chill if Brad and Neri take this rumored relationship to the next level. Though, when it comes to her reportedly being “humiliated” at being “beaten to the punch,” there werereports that Angie actually found love first. She supposedly started up a romance with an “older-looking man who is a real estate agent,” ET Onlinereported in March 2018. This man, who “isn’t a celebrity or high profile in any way,” gave her quite a boost, as having “another adult to spend time with” was just what the doctor ordered


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