Kim Kardashian Tries But Beyonce Is Not Having It

Beyonce is like the Queen of the World right now. It is hard to conceive now poppin’ she is right now, because she’s just on another level in every single way. Kim Kardashian on the other hand, is…on a different frequency. As you know, Beyonce/Jay and Kim K/Kanye have been on the outs for quite some time. From what we understand, Kanye and Jay have made some moves to improve their relationship. Kim wants the same for her and Beyonce. Remember when Kim gave Bey all that free baby swag and Beyonce just gave it all back. And then Kim got offended and mad. Well, now she is back to “groveling” to get the Queen of Everything to be friends again. But, reports from RadarOnline have suggested that nothing is helping and Beyonce just does NOT want to be friends.


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