Kanye West Says ‘Taylor Swift Moment’ Indirectly Triggered Breakdown

Image result for Kanye West Says 'Taylor Swift Moment' Indirectly Triggered Breakdown

Kanye West says Taylor Swift was one of the factors that caused his nervous breakdown in 2016 — namely, the aftermath of interrupting her at the VMAs and how it affected his radio play.

Ye released his interview with Charlamagne tha God Tuesday — and in the first few minutes he explains what led to him being hospitalized in late November 2016. He says ever since he and Kim posted video seemingly showing Taylor knew about his infamous “Famous” lyric ahead of time … his relationship with radio has never been the same.

He admits he wanted major radio play as one of the most popular artists in the world, and says the fact he simply wasn’t getting it after he released ‘Life of Pablo’ screwed with his head.

Kanye also notes that the departure of L.A. Reid from Universal Music might’ve affected his radio dynamic … but says it was just one of many stressors in his life at that point. Speaking of Kanye’s music beefs, he also addresses Jay-Z‘s $20 million “favor” to him … saying what we already reported … it wasn’t a handout, it was money from Live Nation.


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