50 Cent Clowns A$AP Rocky’s Outfit In New Ad Campaign

Image result for 50 cent

50 Cent is back to his hilarious ways once again and this time may be the funniest. Recently the Queens-bred emcee took to Instagram to offer his opinion on a new ad campaign for Gucci.

The campaign features images of several people with the most notable being Dapper Dan and A$AP Rocky. The photos were posted on Gucci’s official Instagram page as part of the campaign.

After seeing the photos, 50 Cent couldn’t help himself and had to offer his opinion. The photo in question was the one of A$AP Rocky that features the rapper in a unique position.

In the photo the rapper can be seen wearing a sweater with a suitable pair of pants to fit the outfit. The pants legs are rolled up a little at the bottom, but not much outside the norm.

However, it’s the additional accessories in the photo that caught 50 Cent’s attention. Rocky can be seen in the photo holding a large sized Gucci bag over his shoulders.

After seeing the photo 50 Cent said the following: “l said get the strap, not get the bag smh HARLEM SHIT AGAIN. LOL”. It’s safe to say that 50 isn’t a fan of the new Gucci campaign


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