Jay-Z Says Giving Testimony To SEC Will “Hinder” His Tour With Beyonce

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Jay-Z wants to skip a hearing related to an SEC investigation because he is too busy rehearsing for his upcoming “On The Run II” tour.

Jay, born Shawn Carter has been ordered to appear in a Manhattan court on May 11, related to two investigations inquiring into Iconix Brand Group’s accounting practices

Jay sold Rocawear to Iconix in 2007, for $204 million. According to reports, Jay is not in any legal trouble, but the SEC is still after statements from the mogul asking for information about Iconix’s “potential violations” of federal financial disclosure requirements.

The rapper says he is currently in California, where he is rehearsing for the 45-date tour with his wife Beyonce.

Jay-Z called a judge’s recent ruling that he must actually testify on May 11 is “unreasonable.”

“Giving testimony on May 11, 2018, less than three weeks before I am scheduled to begin a major global tour that will last until October 2018, will impair the work of many individuals and entities who are preparing for the tour and will hinder my own work in preparation for the tour,” Jay-Z said in an affidavit filed today (May 7).

In a previous statement, Jay-Z said he had already provided SEC with a trove of documents and labeled himself “a private citizen who should not be involved in this matter.”


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