Kylie Jenner’s Bodyguard’s Family Addresses Paternity Scandal: Is He Really Stormi’s Dad?

Tim Chung

Kylie Jenner‘s bodyguard, Tim Chung, has been in the public eye ever since fans started speculating that he could be Kylie’s daughter, Stormi Webster‘s real dad and now his sister is commenting on the wild rumors. After followers brought up the similarities in Tim and Stormi’s features, many believe there’s just no way that the 3-month-old bundle of joy could be Travis Scott‘s and it turns out Tim’s sister, Jenny is not so sure either! When asked by Radar Online if she believed Tim could be Stormi’s father, she simply replied, “I don’t know.” In fact, she wasn’t even aware of the online rumors! “No, I didn’t,” she replied when the outlet asked her if she heard about the speculation.

Despite Tim’s sis not hearing about the conspiracy theory, it’s still very much there! The rumors first started last week when Twitter followers were comparing a pic of baby Stormi to a pic of Tim assisting Kylie during one of her outings. “So y’all are going to tell me I’m the only one who sees something odd about Kylie’s baby and her bodyguard? Ok…” one follower tweeted. “I’ve never been more convinced by a theory!! Kylie Jenner’s baby. Is the bodyguards baby. Kris is up to something!” another posted.

Although the theory pretty much dominated the past week, Kylie and Travis’s don’t seem to be letting it bother them and in fact, they even seem to be growing closer. The couple flaunted some major PDA at the 2018 Met Gala on May 7 and even took little Stormi on a tropical family vacation just before that.


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