Caitlyn Jenner voted for Trump but now she/he slams Trump, calling Him ‘worst President ever’ On LGBTQ rights

Caitlyn Jenner, Donald Trump
Caitlyn Jenner, 68, recently revealed that although she had high hopes, she feels President Donald Trump, 71, is doing a terrible job at supporting those in the LGBTQ community and feels he’s not addressing the many issues that should be fixed whenever they come up. Trump “has been, for all LGBT issues, the worst president we have ever had,” Caitlyn powerfully said in an interview with Broadly.“I want him to know politically I am disappointed, obviously. I don’t want our community to go backwards. Just leave us alone, that’s all we want. Then maybe later down the line, we can get somebody a little better.” Caitlyn, who has been open about being a proud Republican, also told the outlet that she will not be supporting Trump for reelection in 2020.

While it’s clear that Caitlyn is not happy with Trump, it turns out she doesn’t feel quite the same about Vice President Mike Pence, 58, despite the controversy surrounding him and his actions within the LGBTQ community and it’s because of an interaction she had with him. “I went to the Inauguration just because I wanted to meet people,” the former Olympic athlete explained. “I wanted to be there.“ While there, she met Pence. “I had a great conversation with him,” she continued. “He did some really anti-LGBT community stuff. I know that. He’s also very Christian. He’s kinda like, from our standpoint, the real enemy. But that’s OK, I can handle that.” Caitlyn went on to say that she approached Pence at the inauguration and told him that she is also a Christian conservative and someone who “pretty much vote[s] Republican. But I’m also trans. And I said, ‘I would love to share that conversation with you.’ And he looked me right in the eye and said, ‘You know what, I would love to do that.’”

Caitlyn admitted that her planned in-depth conversation with Pence hasn’t happened yet due to difficult schedules but she’s often speaking out about LGBTQ issues on her own time and through her own place in the public eye whenever she gets the chance. Since she’s not voting for Trump in the next presidential election, will she vote for the Democratic candidate instead? “I don’t know who in the Democratic Party,” she said. “I would look at it. I don’t vote parties. I vote the person.”

Caitlyn, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, came out as transgender and revealed she wanted to start living her life as a woman in Apr. 2015. She has since become one of the biggest transgender celebrities in the entertainment industry and has inspired many other transgenders in the world today.


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