76ers Co-Owner Michael Rubin Calls Out Controversial Judge In Meek Mill’s Case

Robert Meek Mill” Williams has been trying to get Genece Brinkley removed as the judge from his ongoing case. Common Pleas Court Judge Leon Tucker recently denied that request. Tucker told the rapper’s legal team that only the Pennsylvania Supreme Court could make that ruling. Meek’s attorney Joe Tacopina has confirmed he plans to take the appeal to the highest court in the Commonwealth.

Meanwhile, Meek Mill continues to get support from Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael G. Rubin. The Kynetic CEO was one of the influential figures to push for the “Levels” spitter to be released from prison and he’s an open critic of Brinkley.

Breaking news!! Judge Genece Brinkley and I finally agree on something!! Above is an excerpt from [XXL] article yesterday. I have been saying for months that she is not fit to be a judge – and finally, she admits it!!! As one of Philadelphia’s most litigious judges in recent Common Pleas Court history (meaning she sues a lot of people), in her latest of 20 plus lawsuits she says it all!! Do you think she’s fit to be a judge


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