Jay-Z and Beyonce are calling on their fans to do some good before they get to the country this June

Image result for Jay-Z and Beyonce ON STAGE

Jay-Z and Beyonce are asking their fans to bring a little cheer to the U.K. through a new ticket giveaway. The pair are offering fans an opportunity to win free tickets to their “On The Run II” tour when the international outing rolls into the country

Jay and Bey are spearheading “BeyGOOD” initiative with The Prince’s Trust and Global Citizen and will reward fans who volunteer to work with either organization to do kind things before they roll into the U.K. this month.

“The untitled efforts of BeyGOOD/DoGood, along with our amazing partners The Prince’s Trust and Global Citizen, are calling upon you to lift your voices,”said Ivy McGregor, Director of Philanthropy and Corporate Relations for Parkwood Entertainment in a statement. “Wherever you are and whatever skills, talents and resources you possess, are of value to others in your community, country and across the globe.”

The city may really need this initiative. According to data released in 2017, British people are among the most depressed people in the Western world.


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