Iggy Azalea Shows Off Her Sexy Bikini Body

Image result for Iggy Azalea Once Again Shows Off Her Sexy Bikini Body While Sportin' Cornrows

If you haven’t noticed, Iggy Azalea has been thirst trappin’ hard on Instagram over the past few weeks. From having to blur out her nipples to sharing some bikini pics in a recent lingerie shoot, the Australian rapper has been showing off her assets in ways many of us are thankful for, and she doesn’t look to be quite done yet either. On Tuesday night, Iggy decided to hop on Instagram again and share arguably her sexiest photos to date.

The first photo is a side angle with Iggy showing off her voluptuous butt & appropriating the cornrow hairdo, which she’ll definitely hear about after this picture makes it rounds online. Next, she decided to pose for the camera with plenty of bottom boob being exposed and her hips & stomach looking skinny as ever. Finally, for her third pic, Iggy gives followers a close up view & angle or her stomach & bikini body, completing her Tuesday night thirst trap.

Why and where these photos were taken is unknown, but it kinda looks like she might’ve been on vacation based on the hairdo & background scenery. One thing is for sure is that it’s definitely easy on the eyes

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