Bucks Rookie Donte DiVincenzo Goes From $3.71 In His Bank Account To A $2,067,500, Salary

Donte DiVincenzo

Former Villanova Wildcats guard Donte DiVincenzo skyrocketed up NBA Draft boards during the NCAA Tournament, especially during the championship game against Michigan when he scored 31 points en route to his Most Outstanding Player award. As a result of his explosive performance, DiVincenzo was selected 17th overall by the Milwaukee Bucks in last month’s draft, and his rookie deal will pay him upwards of $2 million this year.

And that $2 million can’t hit DiVincenzo’s bank account soon enough. Teammate D.J. Wilson recently posted a photo on instagram, showing that DiVincenzo’s Wells Fargo bank accounts only have a combined $3.71 ($2.68 in checking, $1.03 in savings).

He is one of three first-round draft picks who have yet to sign their rookie contract, along with 18th pick Lonnie Walker IV, who was selected by the San Antonio Spurs and 29th pick Dzanan Musa of the Brooklyn Nets. According to J.R. Radcliffe of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (H/T Bleacher Report), the rookie wage scale puts DiVincenzo’s first-year salary around $2,067,500, which will be provide a much needed boost to the 21-year old’s diminishing bank account.


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