Cardi B Responds To Will Smith’s Congratulatory IG Post On Baby Kulture

Cardi B

In case you missed it, Will Smith sent Cardi B a special congratulatory post on Instagram Monday morning for having baby Kulture. The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air shared a clip of him and random fans from Russia congratulating Cardi B on having her first born, while sharing the caption: “Congrats @iamcardib & @offsetyrn! Wishing You Peace, Joy & Divine Understanding as you journey together in Creation of Family.”

While the clip made its way around the internet throughout the day, fans have been waiting for Cardi’s reaction to it, which we finally got Monday night. Taking to her Instagram, Cardi flipped out over Will Smith’s post, saying she feels so special.

“This video made me smile from ear to ear 🤗🤗🤔🤗🤗OMMMMGGGGG THIS IS WILL FREAKING SMITH!!!!!! @willsmith .Thank you so much!!Me and my family appreciate it !!Thank you everyone in Russia !!!!! Ommgggi feel so special:’),” she captioned.

This all comes just days after Will Smith won the #InMyFeelings challenge when he took over the bridge in Russia and did the viral dance craze, killing pretty much every other attempt at it.


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