Gucci Mane Drops Another Million Dollars On A New Hublot Watch

Rapper Gucci Mane performs at Public School And The Confidante Present WNL Radio at The C

Gucci Mane is undoubtedly a massive fan of money but what he seems to enjoy more is splurging on new cars and jewelry. Gucci has some of the flashiest jewelry in the game from his watch to his rings and he’s constantly upgrading his collection. In all honesty, he’s also someone who seems to be constantly working so these purchases are likely ways to gift himself. Most recently, the rapper dropped another million dollars on a new Hublot watch.

Gucci Mane is a big fan of his watches and the rapper just dropped another milli on a new Hublot. The rapper shared a clip on Instagram of him flexing his diamonds before his wife, Keyshia Ka’oir is heard saying, “Babe, I know you didn’t just spend another million dollars on another watch.”

While the rapper is flexing his diamonds, we’re still waiting for Gucci to release his forthcoming album Evil Genius. Earlier today, the rapper shared a trailer for the project which involved himself surrounded by gorgeous women on a boat. He’s yet to announce a release date but we’re praying that it arrives before the end of the summer. Gucci initially announced the album a few days after he released El Gato The Human Glacier. However, all he’s done in built the anticipation since the announcement.


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