Cardi B & Offset Show Off Their Brand New Lamborghinis

Image result for Cardi B & Offset Show Off Their Brand New Lamborghinis

Rappers like to brag about their cars. Benzs, Bentleys, and Porsches. Still, a Lamborghini sits higher on the list of luxury cars than most. There might be the rich person in your neighboorhood that has a nice Benz. When you see a brand new BMW or Lexus, you assume that person has some money. Yet, when a Lambo drives by all of those cars those, all of a sudden, the perspective of wealth changes.

It has only been a few weeks since Cardi B gave birth to Kulture Kiari, but the new mom is looking good. Cardi took to Instagram to show off her post-pregnancy body, but that wasn’t the only thing she showed off. Looking like a boss, Cardi posted a picture of herself and her husband Offset posted up on two new Lamborghinis. Cardi is rocking the blue Lamborghini, while Offset opted for the green sports car. Both of their vehicles have butterfly doors, and they sit at a 125-degree angle in the air. “Blessed & Gifted 💚💙 Official Lamb owners,” wrote Cardi on the post. It looks like the proud parents are treating themselves to new gifts. We’re sure Kulture will be sitting in one of her own by the time she can drive


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