Donald Trump Jr’s GF Kimberly Guilfoyle Left Fox News Amid “Dick Pic” Scandal

Kimberly Guilfoyle

Kimberly Guilfoyle pressed the eject button on her career at Fox News right as her rap sheet was starting to pile up. The ex-host of The Five who currently dates Donald Trump Jr has been accused of sexually inappropriate behaviour by her former employer. Guilfoyle had initially posted her resignation so she could assist the Pro-Trump campaign trail in 2018, but now we’ve learned she was fibbing all along.

The Huff Post reported that Kimberly Guilfoyle was showing members of staff pictures of male genitalia. She allegedly flooded the office with unwanted sexual discourses, and even displayed abusive language and behaviour towards junior members of staff. These incidents were all subject to a HR probe which commenced around the time skipped out on the network.

The Huff Post also learned that 21st Century Fox prefers it when problematic employees discretely pack their bags rather than encounter issues in the press. One of the documented incidents that surfaced in the HR audit exposed Guilfoyle ageist mentality. She told weekend host Jeanine Pirro she was “too old TV.”

Guilfoyle’s attorney has challenged those claims, stating they are part of a “whisper campaign” to knock her client down a few rungs. It’s hard to ignore the degrees of separation between Guilfoyle’s scandal and President Trump’s caucus. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.


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