Cardi B’s Not Leaving Mommy Duty For Anything Less Than $300k Per Show

Cardi B's not coming back to work unless someone's ready to break the bank ... it's the only way she'll entertain the idea of leaving her kid. Cardi wants $300k to get back onstage, and it's gonna be on her terms -- no discounts. Fact is ... we're told she's getting offers in the $500k... Continue Reading →


Cardi doesn’t care what the haters think

Cardi B was a busy woman this weekend. On a private jet flight from Los Angeles back to New York, the "Be Careful" rapper posted a seductive picture in lingerie that showed off her post-baby body. Then, when she got home to New York, her husband Offset posted a picture of Cardi completely naked on his Instagram. Not too long after, Cardi... Continue Reading →

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