Drake Dedicates Last Night’s Boston Concert To Mac Miller

The sudden news of Mac Miller's passing rocked everyone associated with the rap medium, including Drake who dedicated his Boston concert to the late rapper. Before immersing himself in his set, Drake took a moment to pay tribute to his "late friend Mac Miller," who he said was always kind to him in passing. Mac Miller once famously boasted,... Continue Reading →


Cardi B Put Nicki Minaj In Her Place

It seems the supposed feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B isn't so supposed, and is not yet over too, despite previous reports. The two have a history of subliminal shots and back-and-forth on wax and in real life. Things were the latter tonight, though. Cardi B apparently attempted to get physical with Nicki Minaj this evening. The two were both... Continue Reading →


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