Cardi B Gets A Signature Tom Ford Lipstick Colour


Emerging from the storm of controversy surrounding her altercation with Nicki Minaj (shoe-throwing, name-calling), comes a more neutral (although not in colour) piece of Cardi B news. Tom Ford has named a shade of lipstick in honour of Cardi, and if Cardi’s Instagram is anything to go be there’s more “to come.” The colour itself is a bold cobalt blue that would be, on a pair of lips, the opposite of subtle, just like Cardi herself. It’s part of Tom Ford’s Boys And Girls line of cosmetics, which is advertised as having a shade “for every mood.”

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According to Elle, the lipstick was revealed backstage at the recent Tom Ford show during New York Fashion Week. Cardi sat front row at the show and didn’t hesitate to show her pride at having been invited to the show and into Tom Ford’s inner circle. She wrote on Instagram: “I CAME A LONG FUCKING WAY !”

For the more dramatic Cardi B news, which is plentiful this week, be sure to check out our complete coverage here and weigh in with your thoughts on the feud.


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