Lil Wayne Will Perform At The 2019 X Games

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is no stranger to the extreme. Not only did he foray into the previously unexplored realm of Young Money rap-rock, but he has also been known to visit the skatepark on occasion. Rest assured the legendary rapper has left with scuffed knees on occasion; it’s truly unfortunate that Wayne missed out on the Tony Hawk video game series, where he would have made a magnificent unlockable character. In any case, Wayne’s love for thrillseeking has officially paid off, as the X Games have officially tapped Lil Wayne to perform for their next ceremony.

The competition will take place in Aspen, where Wayne will be joined by The Chainsmokers, Louis The Child, and Kyogo. For those interested in catching either the musical performances or the athletic endeavors, be sure to tune in between January 24th and 27th. If you’re only interested in catching Wayne, he’ll be hitting the stage on January 25th. More details on tuning in either live or on television, be sure to head to the official X Games page here.

Salute to Wayne for this one. Hopefully he will enjoy the cold weather more than Method Man, who ultimately overcame the high-altitudes to deliver an epic performance.


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